We are Editors.
[Story about reshined materials.]
Based in Tokyo. Made in Japan.

ANNA DIAMOND is a jewelry brand from TOKYO.

At the beginning of story, our product development starts with encountering new materials.
Everyday, we are looking for overlooked materials all over the world.

For instance, we met pearls which will not be used because of too unique color and shape.
And also, we met metal resource taken from disposed cell phones and laptops.
Someday, we met part of microwave oven which will be reclaimed.

Every collection was started by encountering during our visit to various places steadily.

Disposed materials would be treasure trove depending on ideas.
We continue to express “cool sustainability” with our imagination.


Haruna Mori

Born in 1997. Based in Tokyo.
Studied art history, currently design jewelry.


01. Use reshined mateirals

We promise to use responsible / reshined materials for our creation.

We never stop to make effort to find new materials from all over the world to share story in society.

02. Made in Japan

We promise to sustain high level transparency of supply chain.

Almost process of production are done in Japan as of now.

03. 2 year warranty

We promise to repair by free of charge in case of unexpected damage within 2 years after purchasing date.

04. Donation

We promise to donate into foundations per each purchasing.

We donate to foundations that approach challenges faced by each material used in the collection.