ANNA DIAMOND is a jewelry brand from TOKYO.

We are always thinking about "ethical manufacturing".

We believe that there is room for us to improve ethical manufacturing furthermore, and we will continue to challenge ourselves without being influenced by anything.


01. use ethical materials

We promise to make a effort to use ethically beautiful materials such as lab-grown diamonds without mining and loss "Akoya-pearl" which should be disposed, recycle metal made by disposed metal collected.

02. appropriate production volume

We promise not to be part of "Mass production and mass disposal spiral" and to manage production appropriately. All product is made by Japanese "Shokunin" by hand with their craftmanship.

03. fair prices

We reduce intermediate costs through direct purchasing from suppliers. It makes possible to sell our products to customer by fair prices.

04. plastic-free as possible

We promise to use paper materials for all packaging and cushioning materials as possible. Currently only the core of jewelry box is made of plastic.

05. donation

We promise to donate for 1 tree-planting per each purchasing. We hope that our jewelry will make a shine not only in your heart but also nature in our planet.

06. 2-year warranty

In case unexpected damage happens, we will repair it free of charge within two years after purchasing.