The origin is a wish from an older sister to a younger sister.


To live freshly and cheerfully, I strive to be someone who gracefully leaps over old habits. It is crucial to set aside prejudices and conventional wisdom, embracing a new perspective to explore the world from all angles, discovering its unseen beautiful aspects. With this mindset, even the mundane days can reveal invaluable treasures.

Finding hope in today's society can be incredibly challenging. Yet, life is too short to just quietly wait for things to improve. Within the limited time of our lives, armed with the magic of a new perspective, I want to unearth and share these shining treasures. With this desire, ANNA DIAMOND was born.

At ANNA DIAMOND, our creation starts with searching for materials—focusing on things previously unused in consumer society, like unique Akoya pearls and discarded cell phones, and highlighting their beauty in our jewelry.

Take, for example, the Akoya pearls with unique colors and shapes that were never acknowledged as fine jewelry due to their individuality. However, by changing our viewpoint, we realize that their uniqueness, cultivated over many years, is indeed a treasure. To me, these pearls shine brighter with their vibrant, non-conforming individuality than if they were simply perfect spheres.

Lastly, I have a younger sister named Anna, who is ten years younger than me. I named the brand after her, hoping that when she reaches my age, she will find herself in a more positive and vibrant society—a strong wish, a prayer, for a better future.

I believe the world can become a more beautiful and radiant place.

Haruna Mori
Founder / Designer of ANNA DIAMOND

We are Editors.
[Story about reshined materials.]

We deliver a series of stories that offer new perspectives and elevate materials that have been overlooked in a consumer society.

As the prologue to our story, our product development begins with the discovery of new materials.

The materials we handle, though overlooked in the consumer society, are those that have not given up on shining—they embody a "supple spirit of defiance."

Unique Akoya pearls from Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture

Unique Akoya pearls with unusual colors and shapes have historically been overlooked in the jewelry industry, never making it to the forefront due to their individual characteristics. However, when we shift our perspective, we realize that these traits, developed over many years, are indeed treasures. Much like humans, these pearls shine not because they conform to the perfect roundness often sought after, but because they burst with vibrant individuality that doesn't quite fit the traditional mold.

Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds, as their name implies, are diamonds developed in a laboratory setting. Compared to naturally mined diamonds, they are known for their lower environmental impact and their detachment from labor issues and conflicts. We use these purposeful, lab-grown diamonds to introduce new characteristics while challenging traditional practices in the jewelry industry.

Urban-mined metals

As stewards of the Earth, we transform human-generated waste into jewelry, passing the baton to the future. Utilizing Japan's advanced melting technologies, we extract valuable metals from discarded electronics like mobile phones and computers, elevating them into refined jewelry pieces. This process not only showcases innovative reuse but also emphasizes our commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

Production Background

Our products serve as a baton passed from one artisan to another. We are committed to transparency, sharing with our customers the conditions under which our products are made, whose hands crafted them, and through what processes they were created. This approach ensures that our customers understand the story and the values behind each piece.