Before sunrise, artisans head to the sea to nurture pearls as if they were their own children. In jewelry workshops, craftsmen spend hours under magnifying glasses, meticulously finishing each piece. Countless detailed steps accumulate like geological layers, culminating in the creation of ANNA DIAMOND jewelry.

Our products serve as a baton passed from one artisan's hands to another. We aim to clearly convey how our products are made: in what environment, by whose hands, and through what processes. We are committed to transparency in sharing this with you.

01. AM4:00 Uwajima, Ehime

AM4:00 Uwajima, Ehime, Japan. Handcrafting a pearl takes three to four years. Dawn has just broken. Another day has begun.

02. Confronting Nature

Daisuke Yamashita CEO of Yamashita Pearl. It was his grandfather who started the pearl farming business, and now he's in it with his family. They face pearls and nature with love and respect.

03. Family tools

Pearl farming tools. Everything's neatly arranged and cared for, considering the number of people.

04. Every individual is unique

Only 10% of pearls harvested are pure white and round. Colors and shapes that were not recognized as jewelry items were discarded However for ANNA DIAMOND, individuality is what makes something valuable. People and pearls. All different, all just right.

05. PM2:00, Minami-Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture

PM2:00, Minami-Alps City, Yamanashi, Japan. He is a craftsman in jewelry making. From the window, you can see a peach orchard and Mount Fuji in the distance

06. His Favorites

Tools used in jewelry manufacturing.Over time, his color has seeped in.


One piece of jewelry is done. I hope this jewelry brightens someone's day. ANNA DIAMOND will continue to make ethically beautiful jewelry.

08. Making Jewelry from Urban Mines

I'm sure all you smartphone addicts missed it, right? "Successeure Collection” is made from discarded cell phones, computers, and other urban waste. Let us pass the baton to the next generation by transforming the waste created by mankind into jewelry.