[Oriental] Sliced Diamond Pendant Top 18K (Limited)[Oriental] Sliced diamond pendant 18K (limited quantity)


A sliced diamond pendant just like the autumn leaf, invites you to the golden season.

The sliced diamond which blends softly with the skin tone is wrapped by delicately shining lab-grown diamonds.

The metal fittings are made of shimmering 18K gold.

Enjoy the brilliance by combining it with your own chain.

・Sliced diamond
・Lab-grown diamond
・18K yellow gold fitting
・Motif width 13mm, height 10mm (there are individual differences)
・Inner diameter 4mm

-Immediate shipment available

This product is available in limited quantities and will be shipped immediately.
In addition, there are slight differences in the color and expression of each sliced diamond.
Please enjoy the uniqueness of the product you receive.

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