[Oriental] Tanzanite Eternity Ring 18YG


Tanzanite has a calm and magnificent tone, reminiscent of the twilight sky of a distant foreign land.
The name "tanzanite" was named by jeweler Tiffany.

Under the sunlight, it looks like a vivid sea blue, and under the artificial light indoors, it takes on a faint purple hue.
In Africa, where it is produced, it has been cherished as a "stone to escape misfortune".

・Tanzanite set in 18K yellow gold

[Ethical Policy]
・Repair: Using one thing for a long time is also excellent sustainability. We offer free repairs for 2 years. ( Click here for details)

【Build-to-order manufacturing】
ANNA DIAMOND accepts orders through build-to-order manufacturing in order to produce only the required amount. Please note that the stones used in this product are currently out of stock, and it may take up to 2 months from order to product delivery.

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